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MONIKA MOLNAR- Winner of the BEST Brazilian Dance Teacher of the YEAR LUKAS AWARD 2014
Award winning dance teacher/choreographer 
Founder and Artistic Director of DanceMyWay Dance company, head teacher, choreographer Monika Molnar, creator of  LACORE©  (technical teaching of LATIN JAZZ) -  is established as one of the top Latin/Brazilian dance teacher, performer and choreographer in UK. She comes from a technical Ballroom Latin dance background. After years of experiences on stage, teaching, choreographing, researching she has developed her own unique style represents in her choreographies as well as in her teachings. Her style and teaching technique is popular not only in UK but internationally too. 
She was the first one bringing Latin dance into the fitness industry too LATIN DANCE WORKOUT which also became one of the most popular fitness dance classes in UK. Her revolutionary Latin Dance Workout class was premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2002 as part of their series featuring alternative and innovative fitness options.

monika molnar, founder of dancemyway brazilian dance company She revolutionalized the Latin dance industry when she created LATIN JAZZ. Today Latin Jazz is one of the most popular solo Latin dances in dance studios all over the globe. Her very original teaching method and technique of Latin Jazz- LACORE© has been also trademarked. 

Dancemyway Dance group - Silver Medalist in World Championships in Show Dance-(Czech Republic, 2014)
Monika Molnar- BEST Brazilian Dance Teacher of The year AWARD WINNER 2014
DANCEMYWAY - Best Brazilian Dance School of The year AWARD WINNER 2012

Her portfolio also includes coaching, Cathy Guetta (wife of David Guetta) in Brazilian SAMBA for her RIO  CARNIVAL SHOW; coaching the lead actress Romola Garai for the movie Havana Nights (Dirty Dancing 2 - Miramax Production); performing with her dance company on various events for ITV, BBC, charity events, corporate events, fashion show, worked with Will Smith, Omid Djalili,Trinny and Susannah, Kate Blanchet, Dede Wild;  choreographed for ZeeTV Award, Stricktly Come Dancing and more...You can find her on a daily bases at the world famous Pineapple Studios in London where she resides with her school.  


Sarah Fields SARAH FILDES - Senior Teacher

Trained in DanceMyWay LACORE© teaching methods, style and technique -Sarah is DanceMyWay's senior teacher. She teaches Latin jazz, Brazilian Samba, wedding dances, group lessons, courses.
Sarah has a broad background of dance styles. She began training at age 7 in ballet, tap, jazz and national folk dance. Later trained in Flamenco with 
Juana Jimenez. She then discovered Latin social dances and masters salsa, merengue and bachata. She has always loved to try out new styles of dance and once she tried Monika's Latin Jazz class she became addicted to the style. Finding it a perfect combination of precise technique, beautiful body lines and her love for Latin rhythms. Sarah has a BA(Hons) in music and thinks that interpretation of music is an important part of any dance class. She loves how dance can express any emotion in a way that words can not. She wants her students to have fun and feel energized by the end of her classes and tries to enthuse them with the passion she has for dancing. 


Certified APPI Pilates Instructor, BA, Physiotherapist.
Sophie has 13 years training in Ballroom/Latin and years of experiences performing and teaching salsa in Australia, Greece and London. She learned samba in Rio while coaching and lecturing Pilates..Performed samba in Melbourn and continues training samba with DanceMyWay. Sophie loves the technical side to Monika Molnar’s method of LACORE© Latin dance teaching and has not looked back since finding DanceMyWay. As well as Brazilian Samba, Sophie is also training in Latin Jazz and draws on her past Ballroom experience in this style.   She has lectured internationally in Pilates and has taught the method to a wide variety of clients including professional ballet dancers at the English National Ballet.  Sophie combines her Physio and Pilates knowledge with dance teaching - helping her students to gain a deeper awareness of their body and how to create the movement required.  Sophie loves teaching dance and movement, especially to beginners and loves the way dance and Pilates can help her students gain improved self confidence, fitness and enjoyment. She teaches Brazilian Samba and Latin Jazz. 

Liani is Brazilian and samba has always been part of her life. In Brazil, she has participated in many samba school parades and street carnivals in North of Brazil.
Her background includes working as a ballroom dance instructor in Houston, Texas at one of the most successful ballroom dance schools in the U.S.A. - Arthur Murray Dance studios, including preparing couples for their wedding dance.
 Liani has been trained in DanceMyWay teaching methods-LACORE© and she specializes on teaching Brazilian Samba. Being Brazilian herself she has a strong understanding of the traditional samba and she specially appreciates DanceMyWay approach to help students to achieve their potentials.


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