Life is simple

Do what you love and love what you do

My mission is helping women to reignite their inner power and take their holistic well-being to the next level.


Being a multi-award winning dance coach, mum of 2, yoga instructor and designer, "mumpreneur",

holistic mama, essential oil educator and positive mindset coach - I love helping woman to achieve their ultimate goal: be happy in their own skin and be able to create the life they desire. In simple words : follow your dreams.

I do this through dance, yoga, mindset, essential oils and creativity.

"When you learn your superpowers is when the game changes."


Turn on YOUR

Feminine Energy

Every Friday evening  through SAMBA and LATIN fusion routines, footwork, body work and empowering music we are letting go of the week' stress,  tapping into our feminine energy and turning our inner diva on.

"Inside all of us there is a power. A woman is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better"

Fridays 7:30-m UK time, £7

& Dance


on Tuesday, 26 January, 7:30pm

Are you wondering how essential oils can shift emotional patterns?

Did you know that our Amygdala in our limbic system which is the emotional and memory center of our brain responses the best to sense of smell when it comes to releasing, shifting  emotions? That is why essential oils are such amazing tools for managing emotions and also help with mindset shifting. Scent is the fastest way to achieve mindset and emotional shifts.

I have been researching and studying this topic for few years and I am fascinated about this science.

I have put together a simple program where I will teach you some basics on how essential oils can release emotions, shift negative emotions to positive, and what essential oils and blends to use to achieve the right mindset.

Essential Oils & EMOTIONS

TUESDAY 7:30pm 26 January

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