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Intermediate/Advanced level


Hey Guys,

I believe this time will ease up soon and we can be back to the studio again. 

In the mean time lets keep dancing, keep fit and well mentally too. I am going through transformation myself which will always involve dance, essential oils, yoga and creativity.

I would love to have you with me dancing, workout, do yoga and share my holistic journey to growth and well being.



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Pineapple LIVE


Free workout EVERY Wednesday 1pm

Together we achieve more. I believe everything is so much easier when doing it together and it's so much more fun too

Join me on Wednesday at 1pm for a FREE 30 min fun workout. toning legs, bum and abs.  Simply register here  to receive your  ZOOM class link. Please  do yourself a favor and  take a break from work and your desk and allow you to switch off. Rememeber self love is important and life will always get in the way unless you allow yourself that ME TIME.

Yes, I' am coming


Passion for holistic wellness and happiness, positive mindset, non toxic lifestyle, fitness, holistic wellness, love for essential oils, searching for the best, believing in abundance, saying yess to opportunities is what  we have in common. 

Join our amazing team of powerhouse wellness girls and  take your health and  back to your own hands while you also inspire others. We as a team are launching our wellness businesses and we want you to be part of our fast growing team.

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Keep Dancing

With The New Day Comes The New Way

Dancing is one way of keeping fit, get mentally strong and keep the vibe high. We are not closing down, just adapting to the new reality. Join me for my online  classes, courses, private, live sessions, on how to keep healthy and holistic webinars, learn about essential oils and business opportunities. So much more is coming from me. While I was preparing for years into my new direction, learning, experimenting, now is the time to share my knowledge and  experiences with you all. I can't wait to new doors to open.

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where you can also join my live yoga sessions and live videos on essential oils, dance, positive mindset, home made cosmetics, and so much more.

DanceMyWay Dance School is a multi award winner Brazilian Samba dance school, specializing in Latin and Brazilian Samba Classes in Central London. Our school offers classes, courses, workshops for all levels from beginners to performances. Whether you want to learn a new dance style, keep fit or take your dancing to a much higher level we offer it all. Based in Pineapple Dance Studios, Covent Garden, Currently running online classes.

 DanceMyWay Latin/Brazilian Dance Company offers top class Latin and Brazilian Dance shows, Latin Entertainment, Samba dancers for a variety of occasions from birthday parties, wedding to any scale of corporate events, TV shows and more. We offer hands-on planning process that allows you to get involved as much as you want. Have an opinion you want to share? We always take your requests into account. Serving the industry for over 10 years with extended experiences we are perfectly capable to help and give the best advise to our clients in how to achieve the best impact!







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