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The Power Of Plant Medicine


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Happiness is achieved when our physical body, mental state and mind is in harmony. When your success doesn't get in your head and when your failures don't get in your heart.

Holistic health is the answer for happiness. Mindful decision makings in order to create harmony in our body, and mind, to eliminate stress, being able to focus on things that serve us and being able to eliminate and let go off things that hold us back from growing is the way towards holistic health and happiness. Finding and creating balance is the goal. 

Dance, Yoga, spirituality, meditation, teaching, self development, empowering others, positive mindset, focus, discipline, laugh have been my daily routines for years. After many years of rushing around, chasing means to survive but also doing what I love doing, being a busy mum while also a small business owner, putting other's needs in front of me most of the times has indeed created a great havoc in my body and mental well being.  I reached the tipping point and I needed  a radical change, re-evaluating my daily routines, shift in focus and priorities. Gaining overall wellness and is a process which doesn't come over night. It takes small actions every day, reducing toxic load, starting with elimination and being mindful in every step in the daily routines.

To begin with I have shifted my focus and energy towards things and priorities which helped me gain balance in every aspect of my life. I am sharing this experience with my years of knowledge to my holistic dance coaching to empower my clients and students so they can achieve their overall well being and balance too.

Essential oils were a huge part in the process and  I would love to introduce you to my program.

I am running FREE online classes on a weekly bases: Wednesdays 6pm . please fill the form to receive your slot and learn about the power of of pure essential oils:

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