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How do Essential Oils Impact Emotions?

When we inhale an aroma molecule floats through the air into our nose, through thousands of tiny hairs inside our nose called cilia. The cilia has nerve endings that send electrical signals to the brain which is received by the receptor cells in the olfactory bulb. Then it travels to the limbic system, to amygdala where the memory and emotional center is. Here is where the emotional shifts happen within seconds. Aroma triggers a memory and emotions instantly.

Studies also show that emotions evoked based on the olfactory system many times are much more intensive than any other way of triggering a memory. For example by an image or even music.

How Can We Change Our Emotions Using Essential Oils?

When breathing in an essential oil it can help “unlock” stored memories and emotions.

A positive or negative response to an aroma can indicate something more than just personal preference or aversion. A scent triggers instantly an emotional response based on a memory. A memory that can be even generational.  For example a scent we feel aversion to may indicate an unpleasant memory being triggered. Or equally essential oils that bring out positive emotions can leaving the physical body calm, or positively charged.

Essential oils have their own chemical profiles and their potency depends on their purity and quality. Therefore it is very important to be sure what essential oils we are applying. Not all essential oils are created the same way and many can be easily adulterated regardless of their labeling. Always make sure where your essential oils are coming from.


How can we manage emotions & create the mindset we want with support of essential oils



This is my absolute favorite area. I have personally experienced and have been practicing mindset shift,

positive thinking and mind training since my early twenties when Louise Hay's HEAL YOUR LIFE book

got in my hands. Understanding how our emotions and mindset works, applying

all the knowledge helped me achieve things in my career as a dancer and coach and in other areas

in life.

3 years ago I became fascinated about the science behind essential oils and how they affect

our emotions instantly. As a result they also can support our mindset and achieve things faster.

Understanding how they work made me realize their unique power and  that could

support and shortcut to enhancing the power of  our mind too.

We know we have the ability to achieve anything we set our intentions to, right? Focusing,

bringing awareness to the right things, emphasizing the right thought, journaling, meditating,

cultivating  high vibe, energy, eliminating things that don't serve us, making the right choices,

reducing fear and being able to trust, gratitude, positivity, surrender, being able to see the desired

outcome, being able to enjoy the process, loving ourselves the way we are, accepting our strengths,

power of visualizing, creating our lives by design, trusting ourselves and so much more - requires

lots of mental work that can be overwhelming. Changing our subconscious programming, our blueprints,

our paradigms is not easy. When I work on my self - development, and reprogramming for me music and dance was one of the most powerful ways and tools but today I find essential oils are even more powerful and one of the best support in my mental work.

They help in the process of letting go, in the process of accepting, in shifting energies,  they help me focus, give me energy, they help me to calm the storm, help me trust that I can, I am , I have, I will and I do. They are not only amazing on emotional level but because of their chemistry they have so many fantastic benefits to help healing the physical body too.

I have created this short program where I collected some of my most powerful tools  a woman, a dance and mindset coach,  a mum,  essential oil lover and just a simple human being who wants to find ways to support growth and healing naturally.

In this program I will teach you about essential oils, emotions and mindset, also combined with dance, breathing, creativity and even yoga.

We will be running this on a private FB group for 12 weeks and will be working with essential oils, creating targeted blends, recipes, diy, morning mind exercises, affirmation blends and more. 

Here is how you to get on to the program:

  • If you are in my wellness team and you have your essential oils this program is FREE for you.

  • If this is something new to you and you would  love to be part of it and you don't have your essential oils yet - you can contact me and I help you get on board. You are recommended to get your kit via my link below and your access to the program will be FREE.  I highly recommend doTerra oils purely because there is nothing better out there.

  • If you are already a doTerra member elsewhere and would love to be part of this program, you will be  able to access this programm for a  small fee of £59. 

 If you don't have your doTerra essential oils yet, I can help you with it. Click HERE  to see what starting kit would you like to choose, so you are ready for the experience.

( feel free to contact me for more help)

Essential Oils & Emotions

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