3 Times Winner of the BEST Brazilian Dance Teacher of the YEAR LUKAS AWARDS

Award winning dance teacher/choreographer

Slovakian born Hungarian, with passion for Latin and  Brazilian music and dance,  3 times winner of the best Brazilian Dance Teacher and dance school  of the year award in UK.


Monika Molnar, founder and artistic director of DanceMyWay Dance company, head teacher, choreographer, designer, pioneer and creator of Latin Jazz Dance - is established as one of the top Latin/Brazilian Samba dance teachers and choreographer in UK.

She comes from a technical Ballroom Latin dance training. After years of experiences competing, being on stage, teaching, choreographing, researching she has developed her own style that is represented in her choreographies as well as in her teachings methods. Her focus is on creativity, elegance and technique.

Her journey to learn about the origin of SAMBA has started straight after she got involved with the Brazilian culture in London.

Monika is well known for her creative, endless  Samba footwork variations with constant innovation of new styles and new steps. 

In her teachings she likes guiding others to their own creativity and bring the best out of others potentials. "I am not going to teach you what to do. I will show you how I do it, how it can be done and give you an idea which you can develop further.  I will guide you to your own creativity. How to be yourself on the dance floor"

She was voted for the BEST Brazilian DANCE TEACHER of the YEAR LUKAS AWARD 3 times in UK.

Monika is continuously training in Samba and developing her diverse  styles. Trained with Ana Laidley (Aninha Malandro from Rio) who is the world's N1 Female malandro artists.

Taught and competed at the first International Samba Congress is LA, California in 2017

 You can also enjoy her clothing label , SAMBAWAMBA which are  her hand made,  super comfy harem pants for dance, yoga, fitness and fashion.

"there is no right or wrong in creativity, dance, fashion. Don't be afraid to be judged.  You are only wrong when you are  trying to become someone else or not to pursue an idea just because you are afraid to to be judged.  "

Her portfolio also includes: Being featured on Discovery Channel with her innovative Latin Dance Workout, coaching Cathy Guetta for her RIO CARNIVAL SHOW; coaching the lead actress Romola Garai for her lead role in Havana Nights (Dirty Dancing 2 - Miramax Production) and many more celebrities, performing with her dance company on various corporate events, worked for ITV, BBC, CH4, many charity events, fashion show, worked with Will Smith, Omid Djalili, Trinny and Susannah, Kate Blanchet, Dede Wild; choreographed for ZeeTV Award, Stricktly Come Dancing, teaching workshops nationally and internationally.

Monika is also a certified YOGA teacher and aromatherapist, specializing on emotions, mindset and how to increase high vibe.  

She also runs children dance school in Wembley Park focusing on developing children's creativity, talents, fitness and dance skill - DMW SHOWKIDZ.

Currently running her dance classes and YOGA classes online as well as she is a passionate doTerra wellness advocate.

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