January 8, 2014

These classes are designed to get your heart pumping and your body moving, you probably will work up a sweat. Wear more of a casual workout style. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and create that "feel good", "feel cool" a "feels sexy" factor and allows you to move with ease. We will have you highly mobile throughout the whole hour so we want you to wear some conformable shoes too. High heels will restrict you form moving and dancing full gear on our routines, footwork, so we recommend you to wear flat, soft shoes that have some degree of slip and are flexible on your foot. Our dance teachers and experienced students, dancers tend to wear flat jazz shoes. If you don't have flat jazz shoes, bring a pair of ankle socks and try them. Some of our students prefer those and are quit comfortable doing our classes in those. Avoid rubber soled shoes ( runners, gym shoes or foot thongs)- these make turns, sliding and some our moves restricted. 
Our best bet are the suede soled dance shoes. Dance shoes are completely different to street shoes in many ways and they have been purpose designed for just dancing! Wearing dance shoes whilst learning, practicing and dancing can improve your ability drastically. We do advise wearing flats specially in our general level and lower level classes, workshop, however we do work on high heels in higher levels and choreography classes. We have reasons why we do not start on heels straight away. Often issues with balance and co-ordination are directly related to your footwear. Heels effect you balance, and if your core is not developed and strong enough your performance will suffer and image will suffer the consequences.Once you moved on to heels, we highly recommend Latin sandals. Here are some points to consider: 

  • Heel height - This is important, avoid wearing a shoe that is too high for you. It effects your balance, control and ultimately your learning. If you are not used to high heels, start with a 1.5 inch heel

  • Suede sole - Dance shoes have a suede sole that ensures the base of the shoe remains soft and flexible, enhancing movement. However, suede soles mean the shoe is exposed to moisture and as a result, dance shoes should not be worn out on the street where they could get wet.

  • Leather v Satin. The new range of satin dance shoes is fantastic news for your feet! The suppleness of satin means you can avoid the uncomfortable phase of wearing a shoe in, avoiding blisters and other potentially damaging conditions.

  • Color - Satin shoes are great because they can be died to match your outfit perfectly! They are most commonly found in flesh, white and black

Tip of the day
There are two main types of shoes you can purchase. There are some great quality shoes from the Internationally recognised brands such as Supadance, International, Dance Naturals. These are fabulous shoes and they are wonderful to dance in but they are for professional performance or competition use and can be quite expensive  The good news is that there are some amazing Chinese Copies for a much lower price and they are absolutely fantastic to wear. It looks similar to the real deal.  Professionals and competitors can tell the difference but to the untrained eye, they look very similar. There is absolutely nothing bad about these shoes, they're just cheaper, made from less quality material but they function well and do a great job for the price. You can find these for as little as £10.


BE AWARE there are suppliers selling Chinese Copies for the same price as the top of the line shoes.
Some helpful links for shoe shopping:

Here are some links to dance shoe wear we recommend: 
BLOCH DANCE Shoes SHOP in Covent Garden

LATIN DANCE SHOES- International





We are based in Pineapple Dance Studios with Latin Jazz and Brazilian SAMBA, which is 4 minutes walk from BLOCH- dance shoe wear in Covent Garden. If you are happy with our classes, just drop in to BLOCH before your next class, get geared up and c u in the class! :-)

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