March 27, 2014

Why do I like Brazilian Samba? I love the beats, the drums  but most of all because I can dance samba to any kind of music..I can be free .The beats allow me to use the steps to any music.  I used to do batucada to any, but literally any kind of music. However I am very loyal to the drums and samba beats, I also like to spice it up with a totally different style and bring even Michael Jackson, or even Rihanna, or some Pussy Cat Dolls tracks into my samba too.. The combination of these result an amazing fusion and energy. I am also lucky to have Laurie Evans- who is our master DJ and she creates some amazing tunes, mixes samba beats with top chart music..but in case you wish to get some ideas, here are some f my favourite artists: Daniela Mercury, Ivete Sangalo, Beth Carvalho; but also for some amazing drums, look up: ABACAXI; and definitely TERRA SAMBA is my all time favourite band. There is so much more....

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